Iliana Ceramics: The Magical World of Ceramic Art

Here, clay transforms into exquisite forms and creations, showcasing the skill and imagination of ceramic artists. This magical world reveals the coexistence of aesthetics and functionality, creating an environment that captivates professionals seeking the perfect blend of art and gastronomy.

Journey to the Taste of Greece

Our ceramics have traveled to many places in Greece, from the Aegean islands to numerous winter mountain destinations. Our products find a home in restaurants, cafes, and hotels that appreciate the top quality and aesthetics they offer.

Functionality and Unique Style

At the pinnacle of ceramic art, we find the fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Inspired by the rich Greek heritage, our ceramics create a magical hospitality experience, encouraging professionals to explore the world of taste with style and luxury.

The Storytelling of Our Ceramics

Each of our ceramics hides a unique storytelling. They have traveled to luxury hotels, award-winning restaurants, and other spaces where aesthetics and quality reign supreme. From functional serving ware to ceramic creations that adorn the spaces of our clients in the hospitality industry, our ceramics tell stories of elegance and sophistication.

Iliana Ceramics: Timeless Value

We are confident that our ceramics represent the excellence and aesthetic value you desire. With our attention to detail and passion for art, we create ceramics that reflect the high level of our craftsmanship.

At Iliana Ceramics, we welcome ceramics enthusiasts to discover our magical world. We are here to bring the art and elegance of ceramics to your special moments. Acquire a piece of Iliana Ceramics and experience the sense of ultimate quality and uniqueness.



Let us know the pieces you will need.

  • Refresh your tableware collection for your restaurant or cafe: Quality and Unique Design in the Spotlight
  • Our creations are resistant to high temperatures and easy to care for. All our products are fired at high temperatures, making them exceptionally durable and unaffected by time. They are suitable for dishwasher use, providing convenience and time-saving in your daily life. Furthermore, they can withstand the heat of the microwave, offering flexibility in their use.
  • At Iliana Ceramics, we are dedicated to creating products that reflect your personal aesthetic and preferences. We craft ceramics in any design, shape, size, and color requested, offering you a truly personalized experience..
  • Don’t hesitate to ask us for more information. Simply fill out the contact form, and we will be ready to help you create the ceramic product you have in mind. Let your imagination run free and trust us to make it for you. Our team is ready to handle large order volumes.

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